Feed price €/ Kg  
VIUSID Vet price € / l  
Initial FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio)    
Feed consumption Kg  
Total cost of feed  
Total cost of VIUSID Vet €/100 chicken  
Improvement of FCR 7 %  
Saves by FCR €/100 chicken  
Meat price €/ kg  
Decrease of mortality 1 %  
Additional meat/100 chicken Kg  
Additional income/100 chicken  
Additional feed consumption/100 chiken Kg  
Additional cost of feed/100 chiken  
Total saving €/100 chickens  
Week Day Consumption VIUSID Vet (ml/chicken)
1 5-6-7 0,10
2 12-13-14 0,18
3 19-20-21 0,27
4 26-27-28 0,37
5 33-34-35 0,44
Chickens with 1 litre  
Net profit €/100 chickens
ROI (Return of investment) 1:
Number of animals/group 1000    
VIUSID Vet powder dosage 1 Kg/Tn feed  
Cost VIUSID Vet powder €/Kg  
Average price of feed €/Tn  
Average price of eggs €/unit  
VIUSID Vet powder treatment cost €/Tn feed  
Average consumed feed per hen Kg/day  
Duration of the treatment 30 days  
Cost treatment VIUSID Vet/hen €/hen  
1 kg. VIUSID Vet is enough to treat hens  
Laying improvement 1,07%
Improvement of FCR (Feed conversion Ratio) -6,89%
Effect of a 30 days treatment is kept for 3 months
Extra eggs in 90 days eggs/hen/90days
€/hen/90 days
Average feed consumption in 90 days Kg/hen/90 day
Saving in feed consumption Kg/hen/90 days
€/hen/90 days
Savings (feed) and profit (eggs) €/hen/90 days
Cost treatment VIUSID Vet / hen €/hen/90 days
ROI (return of investment) 1:
Feed consumed/sow Kg  
Viusid Vet/sow/litter Kg  
Viusid Price  
Viusid cost/sow/litter  
Viusid cost/sow/year  
Standard DWG (Daily Weight Gain) Kg/día  
DWG difference while treated 6,00 %  
Standard FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio)    
FCR difference while treated -6,20 %  
Feed cost/kg  
Days to sale  
Standard weight at slaughter  
Saving in feed for FCR improvement Kg
Increase of feed consumption for greater DWG Kg
Price/kg of meat
Gross profit/pig
Net profit/pig
Net profit/litter (11 piglets)
Net profit/sow/year
Ratio C/P 4,90